Upcoming Reunions
Class of 1970 (2021 Revision)
50 Year Reunion...Plus One
September 18, 2021, 6:00pm at The Uplands Golf Club
3300 Cadboro Bay Road
Food Stations for Meal Service
No Host Bar
Early Bird Price if you register and pay by July 15, 2021: $85
After July 15, 2021: $100
New High School Tours (Time to be determined)
Please email oakbay1970.50reunion@gmail.com to register, including your name,
your guest's name and complete an e-transfer also to oakbay1970.50reunion@gmail.com.
Payment will be auto deposited to the Reunion Account
Do You Want to Plan a Reunion?
Getting Started
  • Start your organizing about 1-2 years in advance of your year of celebration.
  • Try to find organizers of previous class reunions and contact them for help and information.
  • Ask at least 4 classmates to be on the committee with you.
  • If not available from a previous reunion then create a spreadsheet of all grads with columns such as last name at school, current surname, first name, email address, phone number and physical address. Remember to include staff in your list - they love to be invited.
  • If you already have a sizable email list then run a brief survey of what type of events your classmates would like to attend and how much they would be willing to spend.
Next Steps
  • Appoint a treasurer and two others become co-signers on a dedicated bank account using your class name e.g.: Oak Bay Grad Class XX. Use the account to handle ticket money and expenditures.
  • Decide approximately when you want to have the reunion, check potential venue availability, prices and then choose a date.
  • Develop a budget to pay for venues and items needed in advance e.g. decorations. Set a ticket event price. Consider adding a few dollars to the ticket price for a class donation to Oak Bay High School. You might want to suggest an early bird price as an incentive with the final price about 10-15% higher. Close ticket sales 3-4 weeks prior to the reunion. Make cheques and e-transfers payable to the reunion account.
  • Create an email about the reunion and send it to your classmates. Detail the pricing. Ask if they want to help with the planning and/or are willing to spread the word about the reunion.
  • Create a closed Facebook page and post information about your reunion.
  • Use social media to search for names from your class e.g. Facebook, Classmates, LinkedIn, Google, Canada 411. You may need to make long distance phone calls to personally invite people to the reunion, update their information and ask if they have contact information for other grads. Contact relatives if traceable.
  • Go to the Oak Bay High School Alumni Association (OBHSAA Copyright © 2019) website and ask the webmaster to add a prepared paragraph about your reunion to our site. This is a free OBHSAA service for you and your classmates.
  • Contact OBHSAA for Alumni Association membership cards.
  • Consider having an In Memoriam display at your reunion.
Have fun and enjoy your reunion!

(Source: Adapted from Mount Doug Alumni Association - with thanks)

Would You Like to be Your Grad Class Contact?

Please contact the Oak Bay High School Alumni Association at: oakbayalumni@gmail.com