Who We Are
The Oak Bay Alumni Association grew out of the 75th reunion celebrations in 2005. This reunion laid the foundation for what we have become today. We are an active group of alumni, who are the custodians of a $75,000 fund raised at this reunion. This fund is held in trust to fund the betterment of the school. To date through our stewardship we have given back to the school in excess of $60,000. These funds have been distributed through scholarships, departmental grants and a significant contribution to the "Keys to our Success" fundraiser which saw the purchase of a concert piano for the Dave Dunnet Community Theatre.
What We Do
The Oak Bay High Alumni Association:
  • Raises funds to support the school
  • Encourages alumni to join and support the Association and its work
  • Encourages donations to the Association
  • Provides scholarships to students
  • Provides grants to programs within the Fine Arts and Athletics departments
  • Provides a connection for alumni and assists them by supporting class reunions
  • Sponsors social functions and celebrations that promote Oak Bay High School
  • Maintains a dedicated Alumni Association website and database
  • Supports special projects that the school identifies
Mission Statement
Through our legacy endowment fund, we will annually recognize outstanding student achievements in Academics, Fine Arts and Athletics by giving scholarships and grants in order to foster, develop and continue the legacy of Oak Bay High School.
Oak Bay High School Alumni Executive 2019/2020
John Falkins '79 President
Randi Falls '80 Principal
Jan Hemming '66 Vice President
Walt Hundleby '68 Treasurer
Jan Burns Secretary
Directors at Large
Heather Benson '79
Joanna Drewry '62
Eva Eaton '78
Brad Maclaren '82
Bronwyn Taylor '68
Jon Valentine '96
Constitution as at November 1, 2018
Bylaws as at November 1, 2018